In line with the key priorities related to strategic initiatives for RES electricity (i.e. informing the debate on the post 2020 horizon) it is the core aim of Towards2030-dialogue to facilitate and guide the RES policy dialogue for the period towards 2030. This represents also the key specific objective as outlined below. Thus, a list of all major specific objectives of this action looks as follows:

  • Launch and guide an intense stakeholder dialogue on the RES policy framework for 2030.
    • With this the project aims to facilitate the creation of a European vision of a joint future RES policy framework.
  • Contribute to the design and implementation of suitable RES policy pathways towards 2030.
    • As a result advanced policy proposals of key national and EU stakeholders, building on consortium’s assessment and consultation are expected.
  • Provide insights on and solutions for the establishment of 2030 (RES) targets.
    • This will add transparency to the debate on 2030 (RES) targets and enhance political decision making.
  • Increase awareness related to consistency in RES policy with energy & climate policy making.
    • Among others this will add transparency on requirements for supplementary dedicated RES support to assure appropriate RES remuneration.
    • This shall lead to well-tailored future (RES) policy concepts and implementations.