Expected outcomes

The major outputs and expected results of Towards2030-dialogue are the following:

  • Intense stakeholder dialogue on the RES policy framework for 2030: The dialogue includes a stakeholder consultation process through various channels – from direct engagement in discussion platforms (via conferences, topical workshops and policy talks on to presence in social media) on to tailored information provision.
  • Detailed assessment of suitable RES policy pathways towards 2030 & guidance for practical implementation: A comprehensive impact analysis of key RES policy pathways will be provided that reflects well the evolving political process in Europe.
  • Impact assessment of 2030 targets & related effort sharing: The feasibility and ambition related to the achievement of certain 2030 (RES) targets will be analysed and advanced concepts for a related effort sharing will be elaborated.
  • Insights on electricity markets & enhanced RES integration: Trends in electricity market design and their implications on RES policy design will be analysed together with supplementary measures to better cope with an enhanced RES take-off.
  • Global energy trends and linkages to climate policy: A closer consideration of global energy trends and reflections of linkages between RES and climate policy will be done.