Towards2030 Workshop, May 2015, Berlin, Germany

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Towards2030-dialogue project has the pleasure to announce the Thematic Workshop “Renewable Energy Policy in the EU towards 2030: Challenges and Pathways for Convergence” which will took on the 12th May 2015in Berlin, Germany.

The objective of Towards2030-dialogue thematic workshop was to address key issues such as:

  • Policy challenges for renewable electricity and renewable based district heating in Europe on the road to 2030;
  • Identification of possible 2030 policy convergence pathways; and
  • View on the 2030 Energy Governance needed to meet the 2030 renewables targets.

The Agenda of the Towards2030-dialogue workshop is available at the event’s webpage.

Stay tuned at the “Thematic Workshops” webpage for the next Towards2030-dialogue Issue Paper!