Towards2030 - dialogue Special Issue “Renewable Energy Policy Dialogue towards 2030”

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The Towards2030 - dialogue Special Issue “Renewable Energy Policy Dialogue towards 2030” is published in the journal “Energy and Environment”. “Energy and Environment” is an interdisciplinary journal inviting energy policy analysts, natural scientists and engineers, as well as lawyers and economists to contribute to mutual understanding and learning, believing that better communication between experts will enhance the quality of policy, advance social well-being and help to reduce conflict. The journal encourages dialogue between the social sciences as energy demand and supply are observed and analysed with reference to politics of policy-making and its implementation.
The core objective of this Special Issue is to align the latest practices, innovation and case studies with academic frameworks and theories, and set a stable framework for the EU policy on the Renewable Energy Sectors, in order to succeed the 2030 target of 27%. We, therefore, seek high-quality papers that will contribute significantly on the support of the RES Policy Dialogue for the period towards 2030.
Topics appropriate to the theme of this special issue, include, but are not limited to: 
  • Qualitative & quantitative analysis of potential scenarios for policy pathways between 2020 and 2030.
  • Assessment of suitable RES policy pathways towards 2030 and development guidance for practical implementation.
  • Stakeholders’ engagement in the RES policy dialogue.
  • Identification of challenges arising from changed framework conditions, such as interactions with global energy trends and climate policy, etc.
Deadline for full paper submission: 31 May 2016 
Manuscripts shall be sent to the following email:  
Download the Towards2030-dialogue Call for Paper below.