Towards2030-dialogue articles for Special Journal Edition now online!

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Online publication of the seven high-level scientific articles to the Towards2030-dialogue Special Issue entitled “Renewable Energy Policy Dialogue towards 2030”. The articles are published at the International Journal “Energy & Environment” (SAGE Publications) webpage. The Special Issue includes high quality papers that address topics related to towards the EU RES policy dialogue on the legislative and regulatory environment beyond 2020.

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Beyond the day-ahead market – effects of revenue maximisation of the marketing of renewables on electricity markets, Jenny Winkler, Rouven Emmerich, Mario Ragwitz, Benjamin Pfluger, Christian Senft

Renewable energy auctions – When are they (cost-)effective?, Malte Gephart, Corinna Klessmann, Fabian Wigand

How far is mitigation of Russian gas dependency possible through energy efficiency and renewable policies assuming different gas market structures?, Adrienn Selei, Borbála Tóth, Gustav Resch, László Szabó, Lukas Liebmann, Péter Kaderják

Analysis of policy scenarios for achieving renewable energy sources targets: A fuzzy TOPSIS approach, Aikaterini Papapostolou, Charikleia Karakosta, Haris Doukas

Challenges and appropriate policy portfolios for (almost) mature renewable electricity technologies, Anne Held, Tobias Boßmann, Mario Ragwitz, Pablo del Río, Luis Janeiro, Sonja Förster

Modelling support policies and renewable energy sources deployment in the Hungarian district heating sector, András Mezősi, Enikő Kácsor, Ákos Beöthy, Ágnes Törőcsik, László Szabó

An economic analysis of the interactions between renewable support and other climate and energy policies, Vicki Duscha, Pablo del Río