Further reading

EU2030 Framework Principles Papers

What is Needed in the EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Framework - Interim Discussion Paper and Results from a Research Project Led by IDDRI and Climate Strategies
Author: O.Sartor, T.Spencer, I. Bart, I. Cochran. M. Colombier, K. Neuhoff, A. Szpor, A. Tuerk, and T. Wyns
Year: 2014
Type: Working papersDownload PDF

EU2030 Framework Energy Security Paper

The EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Framework and Energy Security
Author: O. Sartor, T. Spencer, I. Bart, P. Julia, A. Gawlikowska-Fyk, K. Neuhoff, S. Ruester, A. Selei, A. Szpor, B. Toth and A. Tuerk
Year: 2014
Type: Final papersDownload PDF