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We welcome you to the Project “Dialogue on a RES policy framework for 2030 (Towards2030-dialogue)” started in March 2014 and carried out under the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme.

Towards2030-dialogue intends to facilitate and guide the RES policy dialogue for the period towards 2030. This strategic initiative aims for an intense stakeholder dialogue that establishes a European vision of a joint future RES policy framework.

Final products available for your disposal: Summary and Final report

The towards2030-dialogue project has come to an end, and we gratefully acknowledge the proactive participation of stakeholders at various events and meetings. A broad set of information on the ongoing RES policy dialogue for the period post 2020 has been compiled, including among others policy pathways for renewable energies in the European Union or concepts for the sharing of related efforts. Key outcomes and recommendations are applicable in the Summary report while the comprehensive Final report offers further insights on the topics assessed. Find the two reports here.

Summary reportFinal report

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